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Christmas is a joyous and magical time that warms our hearts despite the cold temperatures. Lots of gifts from Santa Claus puts a smile on our faces, and delicious food at gatherings with the whole family makes us not want this time to end.

Also in Tibia, Christmas has become a special event over the years. Every year on December 12, players excitedly run to Santa Claus, hoping to be the one to be given the extremely rare Bunnyslippers, Ball Gown, or Bear Doll. Mostly, however, it ends with a sweet goods and a package of beautiful Christmas decorations with which we can decorate our houses.

And while we’re talking about decorating your houses, stay tuned for more! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is how we can emphasize the unique atmosphere of this special period, and the game gives us much more possibilities than a few Christmas decorations that repeat every year. In the Tibia Store you will find plenty of other, more complex decorations and furniture perfectly suited for the occasion, and by letting your imagination run wild you can also use everything found directly in the game, from creature products to quest items and objects on the map.

In this article, we will introduce you to items that are perfect for Christmas arrangements, DIY and a whole lot of beautiful decorations to inspire you to create something yourself!

A less experienced decorator looking to start some Christmas-themed project may feel lost. After all, there are so many items available in the game! Some through the Tibia Store, which must be purchased for a not inconsiderable amount of Tibia Coins. Others are available off-the-shelf at the Market. Some are items that we can get in quest missions, and once completed, it is no longer possible to obtain these items. Oh, on top of that, items related to occasional events! Your head is bursting with an overabundance of possibilities. That’s why below we’ll give you lists of items divided into categories that are most associated with Christmas!

Store Items:

Christmas decoration by Ilysz Mentada
Festive Set:

When nights are getting longer and freezing cold is conquering the land, Tibians should close the shutters, and lock the door to keep the warmth inside their homes. You can use perfectly matching items from the Store to decorate your home in a festive style and enjoy the sparkling eyes of your friends and visitors!

Festive Tree

Festive Pyramide

Festive Fireplace

Festive Pile of Presents

Festive Table

Festive Rocking Chair

Festive Tree

Festive Tree

Festive Tree

Other Store Items:

Tibia Store’s offerings, however, are not limited to a few festive items. Based on the color scheme and your own ideas, you can choose many more goods!

Magnificent Chair

Round Side Table

Square Side Table

Knightly Chair

Comfy Chair

Magnificent Chair

Ornate Mailbox


Green Square Cushion

Green Round Cushion

White Fur Carpet

Shaggy Carpet

Crimson Carpet

Yalaharian Carpet

Star Carpet

Wooden Planks

Striped Carpet

Fur Carpet

Ferumbras Snowman

Stuffed Teddy Display

Ferumbras Portrait

Ferumbras Excercise Dummy

Verdant Bed

Red Roses

Light of Change

Torch of Change

Light of Change

Torch of Change

Outfits and Mounts:

Podium of Renown

With the introduction of the Podium of Renowan into the decoration, player who own a house can decorate their interiors additionally with a character, a mount, or a character on a mount. The only requirement is to have this particular outfit/mountย  assigned to the character.


Merry Garb

Merry Garb





Winter Warden

Winter Warden





Royal Bounacean Advisor


Emperor Deer

Black Stag

Shadow Hart

Kingly Deer

Festive Mammoth

Merry Mammoth

Holiday Mammoth

Festive Snowman

Caped Snowman

Muffled Snowman

Bright Percht Sleigh

Bright Percht Sleigh Variant

Finished Bright Percht Sleigh

Cold Percht Sleigh

Cold Percht Sleigh Variant

Finished Cold Percht Sleigh

Dark Percht Sleigh

Dark Percht Sleigh Variant

Finished Dark Percht Sleigh



Items Available in Furniture Shop:

Christmas decoration by Tynusiiaa

Remember, you don’t have to spend horrendous amounts of Tibia Coins on furniture from the Store to purchase Christmas-style decorative items. Ingame furniture stores also offer some interesting solutions!

Green Cushioned Chair

Sofa Chair

Red Cushioned Chair

Small Trunk

Thick Trunk

Small Round Table

Square Table

Cuckoo Clock

Round Red Pillow

Red Pillow

Small Red Pillow

Green Pillow

Small Green Pillow

Small White Pillow


Rocking Horse


Goblin Statue

Red Bed



The objects you can find on the Tibia map will also prove to be extremely helpful for Christmas decorations! They are a great solution as a space filler, giving the interiors a warm and cozy finish in a natural and yet festive color scheme: dark green, brown, gold and red.
How to get each object? Click on their names to learn more.

Orcsoberfest Items:

Christmas Decoration
Christmas decoration by Makadamia

Although Orcsoberfest is an event completely unrelated to Christmas, the decorations that we can exchange for Festive Points can perfectly highlight the holiday atmosphere. The red and white checkered furniture perfectly matches Santa Claus’ outfit, and the smell of homemade gingerbread is associated with Christmas baked goods.

Traditional Table

Traditional Chair

Traditional Table

Traditional Chair

Red Gingerbread Heart

Green Gingerbread Heart

Candy Floss


Do you associate Christmas with the smell of oranges with clove, and your homes were full of red apples, sweets and candy canes? Keep these traditions when decorating your Tibia house. This will give your interiors an even more festive atmosphere.

Bar of Chocolate


Filled Milk Churn

Baking Tray

Chocolate Cake



Cream Cake

Carrot Cake

Candy Floss

Candy Cane




Red Apple


Rare Gifts from Santa Claus:

Christmas decoration by Pyzaa

This is undoubtedly a must-have for any decorator who loves to collect rare and valuable items. Getting them borders on the miraculous, and buying them from other players due to high prices means that not everyone can afford it…


Ball Gown

Bear Doll

Teddy Bear

Items from NPC Messenger of Santa:

… For that, everyone can afford to buy beautiful decorations from this NPC! Despite the fact that they are so widely available, their appearance is no less attractive than other, much more expensive items!

Christmas Present

Christmas Present

Christmas Present

Christmas Card

Christmas Branch

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Tree

Blue Christmas Garland

Red Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

Items Related to NPC Ruprecht:

Christmas Tokens we can get from NPC Ruprecht in exchange for Christmas Present Bags. And with the tokens we can buy some beautiful decorative items, all very festive!



Christmas Present Bag

Gingerbread Recipe

Christmas Token

Santa Backpack

Jewel Case

Christmas Cookie Tray

Snow Flake Tapestry

Snow Globe

Santa Music Box

Snowman Doll

Santa Doll

Santa Teddy

Leaf Golem Santa

Frazzlemaw Santa

Maxxen Santa

Ferumbras’ Teddy Santa

Orclops Santa

Santa Fox

Nightmare Beast Santa

Santa Leech

Raccoon Santa

Santa Ahau

Items from NPC Black Bert:

Also always willing to help is the decorators’ “best friend” – NPC Black Bert. Remember, however, that only trusted players can trade with him.


Gold Nuggets


Old Power Core

Mystic Root

Technomancer Beard

Suspicious Documents

Hastily Scribbled Note


Research Notes

Sheet of Tracing Paper

Crimson Nightshade Blossoms

25th Anniversary of Tibia Items:

Christmas decoration by Kriiz

As you have already had the opportunity to notice, any occasion is good, use some items for your decorations! The 25th Anniversary of Tibia has also become such a perfect occasion, with which a whole lot of presents graphics have been introduced to the game!

Yellow Present

Yellow Present

Small Blue Present

Blue and a Red Present

Blue Present

Green and a Blue Present

Three Presents

Green and a Red Present

Red Present

Pile of Presents

String of Fairy Lights

String of Fairy Lights

String of Fairy Lights

Golden Wallpaper

Green Wallpaper

Wind-Up Loco

Market and Quest Items:

Last but not least are items from a wide variety of categories that are readily available on the Market, and quest items. Just look, you will find there both creature products, decorations, as well as items entrusted to you by NPCs to help you complete various tasks.

Exotic Flowers

Blood Herb

Dinky Moss Floret Garland

Dinky Moss Floret

Interwoven Moss Florets

Bunch of Ripe Rice

Star Herb

Troll Green


Gnomish Supplies

Feather and Inkwell

Book Page

Bundle of Letters

Old Royal Diary

Scroll of Heroic Deed


Lottery Ticket

Swan Feather


Winter Wolf Fur

White Deer Skin

Silky Fur

Thick Fur

Werebear Fur

Deer Trophy

Rhindeer Antlers

White Deer Antlers

Antler Talisman


Fir Cone

Golden Fir Cone

Little Bowl of Myrrh

Bundle of Cursed Straw

Mysterious Fetish

Oracle Figurine

Angel Figurine

Jewel Case

Drome Cube


Wedding Outfit Box


Surprise Bag

Surprise Bag


Sleep Shawl

Glowing Carrot

Snowman Package


Izcandar’s Snow Globe



Truelove Teddy

Panda Teddy

Annihilation Bear

Rolling Pin

Love Potion

Glow Wine

Small Lamp

Candle Made of Human Tallow

Crystal of Focus

Devourer Core

Burnt Out Devourer Core

True Heart of the Sea

Ground Reed

Voodoo Lily Pollen

Chopped Lion Mane Petals


Light Sources:

The famous Light of Change and Torch of Change, mentioned earlier in the Store Items section, are ideal light sources in a holiday color scheme giving interiors red or green color. Sometimes, however, we need other items that provide a source of light, but can be hidden under others while retaining their capabilities. What do we suggest? See for yourself.

Giant Ruby

Imbuing Crystal

Black Skull

Giant Emerald

Green Light

Charged Ghost Charm

Glowing Mushroom


Christmas decoration by Norelli

You have already learned about the myriad of items that will be perfect for decorating in a festive style giving a warm and cozy atmosphere to your homes. However, we also have something for those who prefer more unusual, out-of-the-ordinary decorations! Do it yourself, something for those who prefer creativity to ready-made solutions! We have for you some suggestions for Christmas trees that will make your cottage stand out from the rest!

Created by Norelli

A classic Christmas tree, with eye-pleasing purple accessories, decorated with snow and gifts. Will you choose this one?

Created by Monzcarro Murcatto

Christmas is primarily associated with dark green, gold and red. And this Christmas tree perfectly highlights all three!

Created by Norelli

This Christmas tree, is the perfect option for smaller spaces! Plus, fantastically decorated with turquoise accessories!

Created by Monzcarro Murcatto

Are you not fond of the classic colors of Christmas? Do you prefer cool colors? This blue composition will surely charm you!

Created by Monzcarro Murcatto

Do you like getting gifts? Who doesn’t! How about a Christmas tree made entirely of gifts? This has not been seen before!

Created by Monzcarro Murcatto

Are there any fans of unusual compositions here? How about this original Christmas tree created from… bones? A bit of horror at Christmas sounds interesting!

Choose the category that interests you the most or just enjoy seeing all the beautiful decorations one by one!


We hope we managed to bring you a little closer to the atmosphere of festive decorations in Tibia and you like our DIY suggestions! Next year, we will be back here with more interesting ideas to once again feel the magic of Christmas with you!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who decided to share their decorations with us. You are great!

Special Thanks:

Monzcarro Murcatto – for creating unique Christmas trees in the DIY section,

Divine’Angel – for preparing the decorations for the article,

Makadamia – for helping to edit the article.

author: Norelli

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