Classic Christmas Tree

by: Monzcarro Murcatto

Christmas is primarily associated with dark green, gold and red.
And this Christmas tree perfectly highlights all three!

Do it yourself:

1. Spellwand

You see a spellwand. It weighs 2.00 oz. It might have some strange effects.

You can buy it from Hoaxette for 299 gp during the April’s Fools Days.

2. Rift Carpet

You see a rift carpet.

Obtained as a Folded Rift Carpet from Mysterious Remains. You can also loot ir from Ferumbras Mortal Shell.

3. Small Blue Present

You see a small blue present.

You could obtain it during Tibia’s 25th Anniversary. Nowadays, you only can buy it from Theodora in Thais for 200 Theons.

4. Leaf Star

You see a leaf star (Atk:48 physical + 2 earth, Def:0).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 60 or higher. It weighs 2.00 oz

The easiest way to loot it is from Boogy, Dark Faun, Faun or Pixie. It also comes from bosses such as Kusuma and Raxias.

5. Small Trunk

You see a small trunk.

You can buy it from Zaidal in Port Hope for 20 gp.

6. Star Herb

You see a star herb. It weighs 0.30 oz.

The easiest way to loot it is from Mutated Bat, Witch or Pixie. It also comes from bosses such as Yaga the Crone, Ekatrix, Fernfang and Bruise Payne.

7. Dinky Moss Floret Garland

You see a dinky moss floret garland. It weighs 0.60 oz.

You will collect this original decorative element while completing the Four Demanding Statues mission during the Oramond Quest. Check out our guide for more info!

8. Trophy Stand

You see a trophy stand. It weighs 9.70 oz.

You can buy it in the furniture shop for 50 gp.

Finished Classic Christmas Tree:

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