Character: Psotnik Pokerface

Server: Antica

Dracek proves that the beautifully decorated interiors of Tiberian houses are also wanted by the male players… and in addition, can create it himself!

Harbour Lane 3, Carlin

The decoration below is an example of how to use items available during January’s “The First Dragon Quest” event.

There is no denying that it came out fantastic!

His creativity and imagination allow him to freely rearrange the same houses, so we can “know them” from scratch each time. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is still one and the same house!

See how he did it for a small house at Northern Street 5 in Carlin:

Below are more decorations of the house at Harbour Lane 3, Carlin.

It is worth mentioning that this talented decorator together with his Tibian wife Tynusiiaa (you can read about her work on our site!) created an interesting passion project called “TibiaStyle.com”, where you could find a lot of interesting facts and tips on how to decorate Tibian interiors.

Northport Village 3, Northport

Without a doubt, colors like browns, beiges, blues, and greens dominate all the decorations, which will inspire fans of this color scheme to create something similar!

Wanting to emphasize the theme of nature in his decorations, he also tried his hand at decorating a space in Ab’Dendriel! Below are two different proposals that share the same house:

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