Flor Belina

Character: Flor Belina

Server: Peloria

Flor Belina is a true veteran of decorating contests organized by various fan sites! She has had a lot of success in this field and many beautiful decorations!

Her decorations are always perfectly balanced. They do not lack delicacy, and floral motifs, but also vivid colors. And the characteristic element is the ubiquitous dark greens, which add depth and charm to any arrangement.

A romantic atmosphere in the heart of the jungle? This girl has a great imagination, which makes her decorations beautiful!

Here, frosty climates, lots of snow and ice. The Guildhall that decorates this girl – Snake Tower south of Thais really gives you a lot of possibilities! One day we can warm up in a tropical jungle, while the other day we can play the role of a real ice queen in a winter castle. It all depends on us!

We can also organize a feast in a tavern, as in the screenshot below. Why not ๐Ÿ˜‰

Below are some other competition entries and house decorations created by Flor Belina:

If you want to see more such decorations, you are welcome to visit this creative decorator on Instagram!

Instagram: @flor_bel_ina

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