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Floral decorations are undoubtedly some of the most classic motifs among Tibian house arrangements. They are beautiful, colorful, and delicate. They refer to nature, something we all like without exception! After all, exhausted from hunting, and fighting dangerous creatures lurking for our lives, ready to tear us to pieces at any moment, we want our houses, the places where we rest, to be quiet, peaceful, and pleasing to the eye. Floral arrangements also give a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing colors. Such a wide choice of decorative items does not limit us to specific color combinations. We can both use ice flowers to create something truly wintry, in shades of blue, as well as warm pinks, reds, and oranges. It’s worth letting your imagination run wild and creating something unique!

A less experienced decorator looking to start some floral-themed decoration project may feel lost. After all, there are so many items available in the game! Some through the Tibia Store, which must be purchased for a not inconsiderable amount of Tibia Coins. Others are available off-the-shelf at the Market. Some are items that we can get in quest missions, and once completed, it is no longer possible to obtain these items. Oh, on top of that, items related to occasional events!

As you can see, the possibilities are vast. Therefore, to make it easier for you to choose, here are the lists of items most associated with floral theme. This will make it easier for you to clarify your expectations and form a preliminary plan in your head for a new decoration!

A lovely floral fanart made by Paulo Silvente.

Store Items

Tibia Store has really a lot of items that will be perfect for floral style decoration. These include furniture that captures the natural character of your gardens (there are as many as 3 sets: Floral, Verdant and Nature), as well as literally a whole lot of potted plants, flowers – big and small ones. But it doesn’t stop there, as the Store also offers lamps in the shape of flowers, and even quite a selection of animals, in terrariums and without, which will perfectly accentuate the atmosphere.





Blooming Cactus

Purple Flower Lamp

Bitter-Smack Leaf



Red Geranium

Zaoan Pot Bamboo

Carnivorous Plant


Turquoise Flower Lamp




Water Nymph

Terrarium Snake

Terrarium Spider

Little Big Flower Lamp

Wall Leaves


Wall Flowers

Wall Fern

Witchcraft Forest Herbs

Witchcraft Sweet Herbs

Sulphur Blossom Lamp

Leaf Chair

Flower Chair

Verdant Chair

Stump Table

Flower Table

Verdant Table

Log Chest

Verdant Trunk


Verdant Cabinet

Flower Cabinet





Verdant Carpet

Flowery Grass

Vegetable Basket

Curly Hortensis Lamp

Floral decoration by Makadamia

Outfits and Mounts

Podium of Renown

With the introduction of the Podium of Renowan into the decoration, player who own a house can decorate their interiors additionally with a character, a mount, or a character on a mount. The only requirement is to have this particular outfit/mount  assigned to the character. You can buy it in Store for 500 Tibia Coins.




Lady Bug

Lacewing Moth

Hibernal Moth

Hyacinth by Misha Artwork



Moth Cape

Moth Cape

Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior

Forest Warden

Forest Warden



Breezy Garb

Ghost Blade


Piodium of Vigour

With the Piodium of Vigour you will be able to display images of various bosses in the form of decorations! You can buy it from NPC Emael in Adventurer’s Guild, the price of one podium is 1,000,000 gold coins. Remember, however, that the requirement for the exposure of such a boss is the completion of level 2 in Bosstiary (2 stars).




The Frog Prince


Willi Wasp


Podium of Tenacity

With the Podium of Tenacity you will be able to display images of various creatures you have killed in the form of decorations! You can buy it in Store for 375 Tibia Coins

Azure Frog

Bog Frog

Crimson Frog

Coral Frog

Orchid Frog

Green Frog

Infernal Frog





Emerald Damselfly





Leaf Golem

Stalking Stalk

Earth Elemental Massive

Earth Elemental

Spit Nettle

Arctic Faun

Dark Faun




Hibernal Moth

Lacewing Moth


Twisted Pooka

Silver Rabbit

Baleful Bunny



Decorations do not always have to involve huge costs. Depending on where our house is located, we can take advantage of a wide selection of objects (furniture, plants, etc.) that are scattered all over the map. All we have to do is transport ourselves to the desired location.
How to get each object? Click on their names to learn more.


Floral decorations by Mythmine

We all know that fungi are, by definition, a different kingdom of organisms than plants, but is it worth delving into these theories if they so wonderfully accentuate the natural vibe of floral decorations, adding beautiful colors and charm? See what mushrooms you can highlight your decorations with!

Tibia Store Mushrooms:

Shroom Cupboard

Pink Shroom Lamp

Fluorescent Fungi

Luminescent Fungi

Glowing Sulphur Fungi

Yellow Shroom Lamp

Gloomy Poisonous Fungi

Market and Quest Mushrooms:

Glowing Mushroom

Green Mushroom

Colourful Mushroom

Fly Agaric

Fire Mushroom

Orange Mushroom

Red Mushroom

Crimson Crest Mushroom

White Mushroom

Mushroom Pie

Wood Mushroom

Brown Mushroom

Dark Mushroom

Some Mushrooms

Some Mushrooms

Floral decorations by Milny

NPC Items

In-game furniture shops also offer some interesting solutions!

Exotic Flowers

Flower Bowl

Bowl of Evergreen Flowers

Potted Flower

God Flowers

Honey Flower

Red Rose


Indoor Plant

Simple Bed

Market and Quest Items

Floral decoration by Norelli

No less important than those listed above are the following items from a wide variety of categories that are readily available on the Market, and quest items. Just look, you will find there both creature products, decorations, items entrusted to you by NPCs to help you complete various tasks, and even those you find on the ground – decorating the game map.

Marvelous Ice Flowers

Beautiful Ice Flowers

Pretty Ice Flower

Puny Ice Flower

Ice Flower

Holy Orchid

Blue Rose

Colourful Water Lily

Wild Flowers

Orange Star

Interwoven Moss Florets

Nettle Blossom

Coral Branch

Coral Vow Flower

Wild Desert Rose

Red Silk Flower

Crimson Rose


Thorn Seed

Crimson Nightshade Blossoms

Bloodkiss Flower

Heaven Blossom

Star Herb

Stone Herb


Meaty Vortex

Rotten Witches’ Cauldron Seed

Screaming Cherry

Toxic Tulip Seed

Sprocketwhip Cone



Violet Tulip

Purple Nightshade Blossoms

Flower Bouquet

Purple Kiss Blossom

Purple Tendril Lantern

Veldt Flowers

Lilypad Backpack

Raven Herb


Moon Flower

Powder Herb

Shadow Herb

Sling Herb

Grave Flower

Goat Grass

Troll Green

Bamboo Leaves


Fig Leaf

Beetle Carapace


Sample of Venorean Spice

Glooth Farina

Fresh Hydra Herbs

Piece of Cactus

Carniphila Seeds

Some Leaves

Bamboo Stick

Shadow Bite Berries

Sack of Herbs


Leaf Star

White Flower

White Silk Flower

Moon Mint

Spirit Shovel

Turquoise Tendril Lantern

Frostbite Herb

Slug Drug

Cave Turnip

Head of Abyssador

Some Golden Fruits


Juicy Roots

Reinvigorating Seeds

Empty Flower Pot


Dandelion Seeds

Stalking Seeds

Plagueroot Offshoot

Empty Birdcage

Occupied Birdcage

Strange Empty Bucket

Ritual Scissors

Can of Oil

Watering Can

Magical Tree (Incandescent Crown)

Magical Tree
(Iron Crown)

Magical Tree
(Leaf Crown)

Magical Tree
(Reflecting Crown)


Rare items can often perfectly accentuate our floral decorations and add a slightly more luxurious finish. After all, a garden in which you find such a rare and precious specimen of a flower as the Crunor’s Heart immediately like a well-invested design rather than a random arrangement. Therefore, when designing your gardens, you should also consider those items that immediately draw the attention of other players with their uniqueness.

Yellow Rose

Crunors Heart

Forbidden Fruit

Lucky Clover Amulet

Pigeon Trophy

Four-leaf Clover

The “Flower Month” Event


Floral fanart by Norelli

June is a unique month in Tibia full of new floral inspiration for all decorators! Dryad invasions are appearing in the lands, from which we can loot inexpensive, yet unique and very spring-like items:


Flower Dress

Flower Wreath

Leaf Legs

Coconut Shoes

It’s a great opportunity to fill the Dryad’s entry in the Bestiary, but from a decorator’s point of view, these raids also allow us to loot quite a lot of Seeds, which we can exchange for beautiful potted flowers!

Make your own Flower Pot:

In June, the NPC Rosemarie appears southwest of Port Hope and for 5 Seeds will give us a pot with a planted flower.

What species we get is a mystery to us at first. However, by watering it every 20 hours, we have a chance to make it grow and turn it into a truly decorative flower.

Midnight Bloom (Fower Pot)

Finger Snapper (Fower Pot)

Dryad’s Heart (Flower Pot)

Fairy Dancer (Flower Pot)

Lizard Tongue (Flower Pot)

Ember Queen (Flower Pot)

However, remember to regularly take care of the flowers given to you and water them. Otherwise, they will wither!

On the other hand, if you want to fix the effect, so that the plants do not require further care – use Ice Flower Seed (Thawing Mini World Change) on them. They will remain in their blooming form forever.

Floral decorations by Monzcarro Murcatto

Flower Pot available all year round?

Are you reading this article in July, or even in the middle of winter, and the fact that the availability of these flowers is limited to June saddened you a bit? Hey, nothing is lost! After every reset of the floor in the Bounac village, you can find a pot with a planted flower that is in its first form of growth. Take it to the house and take care of the flower, and you will be able to keep it every season!

Above, is just a brief description of what may await you in June if you make good use of the “Flower Month” event! If you want to know more details about Dryad’s raid mechanics, flowers and additional attractions, drop by our dedicated guide to the event:

kwiatek 4 - floral

Thawing Mini World Change

This mini world change is somehow connected with the Flower Month, because during it’s activity you can get such important Ice Flower Seeds to keep your flowers blooming forever.

Ice Flower Seeds

Winterblossom (Flower Pot)

Make your own Winterblossom!

You can use these seeds in the other way and plant a beautiful Winterblossom! This works analogously to the pots you received from Rosemarie, but you are the one planting the seeds. Then you water them to finally get the flower of your dreams.

On the map you will see the locations where you can find Ice Flowers:

Megasylvan Plant

Floral decorations by Dracek

Megasylvan Plant is an item worth dedicating a separate paragraph to. It is very decorative, relatively rare, and impossible to buy at the market whenever we feel like it. We need to create it!

Megasylvan Sapling

For this, we will need two items: Megasylvan Sapling (which we can loot from the Megasylvan Yselda boss) and Empty Flower Pot. We use the sapling on the flower pot, so it transforms into a Pot of Sylvan Earth. We use the newly created item (right-click) and get a beautiful plant with fresh green leaves, which will perfectly enhance our interiors.

Megasylvan Sapling does not disappear after use. Unfortunately, the main limitation is that one character can only create one such plant.

TIP: Feed your plant with tropical fruits and a friendly toucan will appear from behind the leaves!

Light Sources

The famous Light of Change and Torch of Change are ideal light sources giving interiors fresh colors. Sometimes, however, we need other items that provide a source of light, but can be more discreet and hidden under others while retaining their capabilities. What do we suggest? See for yourself.

You have already learned about the myriad of items that will be perfect for decorating in a floral style giving an atmosphere full of nature to your homes. However, we also have something for those who prefer more unusual, out-of-the-ordinary decorations! Do it yourself, something for those who prefer creativity to ready-made solutions!

Floral decorations by Tynusiiaa


Spring Carpets

Below you will find some of the suggestions for spring floral carpets that you can create yourself. If you want to know more of our suggestions, click the banner!

Floral Collumns

Inspiring Item Stacks

Floral decoration by Norelli

Hey, how about bouquets of flowers? Oh yeah! It doesn’t have to be a graphic designer’s ready-made item. You yourselves can create such bouquets and enjoy how they add charm, a delicacy to your interiors…. and, above all, uniqueness.

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

Do you like it?

Check out the stack and do it yourself! ►

Et voilà!

What has been used to create these bouquets?

Interdimensional Potion

Small Blue Present

Voodoo Lily Pollen

Vial with a Skull Cork

Megalomanias Essence

Vipe Star

Ground Reed



Chopped Lion Mane Petals

Lavaworm Spikes




Royal Stars

Golden Marble

Deepworm Spike Root

Assassin Star

Nightshade Distillate

Orc Skull


Prickly Pear


Deepworm Spike Root

Assassin Star

Nightshade Distillate

Orc Skull


Choose the category that interests you the most or just enjoy seeing all the beautiful decorations one by one!

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