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International Woman's Day Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! and would like to invite you to our new contest organized especially on International Woman's Day!

Your task is to create a female outfit in the game!

1. The competition runs from 8.03.2021 until the server save of 29.03.2021;
2. Register at;
3. In the competition topic on the forum, post:
-your character's nickname,
-a short work description (optional),
-competition graphics presenting the created outfit;
4. Check the status of your work at the bottom of the post: valid - means approved work and invalid - the work is inconsistent with the rules and requires corrections.

1. The outfit must be for a female character (Due to International Woman's day);
2. The outfit must be made using pixel art technique;
3. The outfit must be visible from the front in an oblique perspective (The same perspective the other Tibian outfits are created);
4. The style of the graphics must match the Tibian style;
5. It is allowed to use elements of existing outfits, but most of the project should be the work of the competition participant;
6. Members of the TibiaGoals and TibiaFanart websites team cannot take part in the competition;
7. From among the submitted works, the best 5 will be selected and then sent to be assessed by the admins of fan pages and CMs;
8. The outfit colors are up to the player;
9. The outfit will not be implemented into the game
10. You can submit as many entries as you want, but you can only win once.


1st place:

Golden Trophy of Excellence, Yellow Rose, Giant Emerald

2nd place:

Silver Trophy of Excellence, Blue Sphere, Giant Ruby

3rd place:

Bronze Trophy of Excellence, Unicorn Figurine, Giant Sapphire

Post your submissions in this thread!

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Okay, let me start! Hope You like it!

Name: Tynusiiaa  | Server: Antica

Description: I called my outfit True Artist Outfit. As you can see, this outfit shows the artist: in dungarees that are painted chaotic stains, with a beret and the painter's attributes in hand. There are so many talented people in Tibia, especially girls, and at the same time I really wanted it to fit the theme of the site. Of course, I used a few Tibia graphics, but I remade many of them myself, I drew new elements, such as a beret or a blouse.

I added two versions of the outfit (with dripping paints or without) and a small graphic as an addition.



Uploaded files:
  • artist-2-2-2.png
  • artist-2-2.png
  • Zrzut-ekranu-2019-01-30-o-01-6-2.png
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Name: Nehkz

Server: Relania


I work as a strategic purchaser.

Here is my outfit I created for this contest:

It is a Boho Weddingdress with a Flower Wreath on the head.

I  used parts of the Festive Outfit (skirt) and copied parts of the Flower Wreath. The rest is created by myself.



Uploaded files:
  • Outfit-Contest-Haarband.png
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Character: Nehkz

Server: Relania

I hope it is okay to post a second entry! It is so much fun to create 🙂 Now I used the technique from Tibiagoals!

I created a Ball Gown Outfit. I created it out of Noblewoman (base), Orcsoberfest (Addon 2) and Pirate (Feather of Addon 2). I tried to use the colours of the Ball Gown.



Uploaded files:
  • BallGown4.2.png
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Hello 😀

Character: Brighid Grand Explorateur
Server: Gentebra

Description: I've tried to create some kind of a female angel outfit, I really like this kind of theme, so I decided on this. To make this, I've used the base of the golden outfit changing its color, I made some changes in the hair, and added the wings. I will place here 2 forms of static images of the outfit, and one .gif of the animation. (I didn't see on the rules if this is possible, so I will try 😀 because I love animations).

Name of the outfit: Messenger of Heaven



Uploaded files:
  • Messenger-Heaven-Outfit-Static1.png
  • Messenger-Heaven-Outfit-Static2.png
  • Messenger-Heaven-Outfit-Movements-OK.gif
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-Achiru antica

Shadow hunter outfit
-I wanted to create a more "powerful" looking female outfit, to present a powerful woman's strength. I took an approach of demonic/possession type of work.  I also ended up doing the base and both addons.


People are getting creative so I too had to push the limits of this outfit, here's the ultimate final addon number 3:



Uploaded files:
  • Shadow-hunter-outfit-Achiru.png
  • shadow-hunter-scenery.jpg
  • shadow-hunter-full.jpg
  • shadow-hunter-background-less.jpg
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Guys, we appreciate all the effort you put in the process of creating a new outfit for the contest! However, we just want to leave a note that originality will be a very important factor while choosing the top 5, meaning that the works with less elements copied from the pre-made sprites will have a bigger chance to qualify!  We wish you all good luck!

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Character's nickname: Flower Queen
Server: Refugia
Work description: I wanted to make butterfly, because i love them. I used only retro noble female outfit and changed it a lot. I called it noblefly 😀



Uploaded files:
  • noblefly.png
  • nobleflyback.png
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Character: Magiska Malin
Server: Antica
Job (IRL): UX/UI Designer

Description: I wanted to create a strong and lovely mage outfit! I wanted something that's both girly and powerful. With a cute hairstyle, knee-high heels, and a beautiful heart-shaped wand, this outfit will make you feel as powerful as you truly are! A true goodness of love and war! This outfit is for any woman that wants to show the world that she's the most awesome and mighty lady there is, capable of both love and destruction.



Uploaded files:
  • Outfit-4-Scene.png
  • Outfit-4-Pink.png
  • Outfit-4-White.png
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Character's nickname: Flower Queen
Server: Refugia
Work description: I play also lol, so i decided to make tibian version of my favourite character - Morgana. I used only retro citizen female and my skills to convert Morgana to Tibia character version.



Uploaded files:
  • morgana.png
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