Ancient Amulet

QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of the mission it will not be possible to collect this item again)

❝ Listen: When I was searching the northern ruins for the secret room, I already found something there. An ancient amulet, forged with remarkable artisanship. Larek: Bringing back such a precious artefact to the Explorer’s Society would be important for my reputation. Unfortunately, a thieving steppe bird has stolen the amulet, probably because of the sparkling, colourful gems. I assume the thief brought it to its nest. I know, finding the right tree in this vast grassland is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But I’m sure you’ll succeed. ❞

Well, Larek lost his amulet, and we seem to be worthy to help him. But why shouldn’t we benefit ourselves and get more amulets to use as decorative elements in our arrangements?

If our character doesn’t start a Krailos Quest or is in the middle of completing the mission “Hungry New World” for NPC Larek, we can get as many amulets as we need. To do so, we need to go to the place marked on the map:

We will find a bird’s nest there, and after using it we will get the desired amulet. To get another one, we need to take the previous one out of the backpack and use the nest again. And so as many times as needed, without any cooldown. However, it should be remembered that after giving the loss to the owner, the possibility of further acquisition of this item will be lost to us irretrievably.

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