Blessed Water

QUESTWithin The Tides Quest
(with the completion of missions and quest it will not be possible to collect the item again)

Blessed Water is actually a small-sized flacon filled with green-blue liquid, which, although inconspicuous, is a very nice decorative item.

Its main task is to play its part in the mission “The Four Good Omens” in the Within The Tides Quest. There, the NPC Tarisu asks us to fetch water from a pond on the cemetery island and then deliver it.

But wait a minute! We, after all, don’t want to deliver anything, just keep this item for ourselves for our later decorations! To do this, take Blessed Water with you and do not give it to the NPC.

Then, after waiting for 20 hours, we can return to the island without Blessed Water and again repeat all the steps according to the stages of the quest. We can repeat this action every 20 hours as many times as we need, without returning to the NPC in the meantime.

Remember that by giving the item to the NPC you will forever lose the opportunity to get Blessed Water again with a particular character.

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