Blue, Green & Violet Glass Plates

LOCATIONCarnivora’s Rock
QUESTThe Dream Courts Quest
The item is also widely available on the Market.

Blue, Green & Violet Glass Plates are fairly easy to obtain and commonly available decorative items in the game. They can be looted from dangerous monsters that travelers can encounter northeast of Port Hope at a place called Carnivora’s Rock.

Carnivora’s very special way of digesting leads to very unique products that a hunter can obtain. The objects of interest are small glass plates that arise in the so-called process of glassification. They are desirable materials for crafts.

Wanting to get the item personally, it would be necessary to make access to this place as part of The Dream Courts Quest. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be welcome there and Carnivoras are quite strong creatures with a great desire to eat you.

This way, by killing creatures there, you can loot the desired amount of different colors of glass plates.

Lumbering Carnivora drops Blue Glass Plates.

Spiky Carnivora drops Green Glass Plates.

Menacing Carnivora drops Violet Glass Plates.

Since Carivora’s Rock is an extremely popular place among players, it is also easy to buy the necessary amount of plates at the Market. On populated servers, their availability is practically unlimited!

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