Dinky Moss Floret & Dinky Moss Floret Garland

QUESTOramond Quest
(the item can be collected multiple times)

You will collect this original decorative element while completing the “Four Demanding Statues” mission during the Oramond Quest. The good news for decorators is that you don’t even have to start this quest to get it. However, you will need access to the Glooth Factory and the areas occupied by the Glooth Bandits.

This is where you will find garlands of flowers hanging on the walls in the east and west areas. After using (clicking) such a garland, the item Dinky Moss Floret will appear in our backpack.

The appearance of the garlands on the wall will change slightly.

When you collect three such flowers, you can create a garland. You only need to use one item on the other one. The order does not matter.

When two Dinky Moss Florets are combined, you get Intervowen Moss Florets. And when you combine this with a third Dinky Moss Floret, you will get the desired garland.

The cooldown for renewing a previously used garland is 5 minutes.

Examples of use:

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