Dung Ball

QUESTWar Against The Hive Quest
The item is also available on the Market.

Dung Ball is a unique decorative item that has a simple animation that makes our interiors glow green! It is thanks to this animation that the item has gained popularity.

By using it, we will gain 10 Favour Points in War Against The Hive Quest. Thus, we can deduce that it was created to speed up completing the Insectoid Outfit with addons. However, decorators should not use it, but keep it in their backpacks and let their imagination run wild using Dung Ball for their decorations!

How to get it?

Dung Ball is a loot from six famous bosses of The Hive – Chopper, Fleshslicer, Maw, Mindmasher, Rotspit, and Shadowstalker:

By killing them we can get 0-2 balls. However, their availability is not constant, as the bosses can only be met during the 3rd stage and it is necessary to perform access behind the curtains.

You can find more about The Hive, bosses, and Dung Balls in the comprehensive guide on TibiaBosses.com:

The Hive – why so much iron in there?

However, it’s worth mentioning that you can buy Dung Ball on the Market! So if you do not have time to collect points and hunt for bosses, which, to make matters worse, appear irregularly and do not offer a 100% guarantee that they will drop the item you want, it is worth spending some money and buying this item from other players.

Examples of use:

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