QUESTThe Lost Brother Quest
(completion required to start Within the Tides Quest)
Within the Tides Quest
(you must complete the quest until you get access to the Marapur archipelago)

Although Ewer’s blue graphics had been known to players for a long time (it was introduced to the client along with other versions of Ewer, and were first used in Lion’s Rock Quest as disappearing after some time “Ewer with Holy Water”, then in an inaccessible place for players on Issavi), the desired vessel only became available with the introduction of Marapur in client version 12.90.

You can take it from the counter near the NPC Sessek selling fruits there (level +2).

If you do not have access to Marapur and, for various reasons, do not plan to travel to this remote area anytime soon, do not be discouraged! Ewer, like any other item, can be packed in a backpack and taken with you, and what’s more, you can ask a friend for a favor to take the vessel for you.

Examples of use:

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