Ghost Charm & Charged Ghost Charm

QUESTIn Service of Yalahar Quest

These spheres are popular decorative elements, which often when combined with a similar-shaped shield (such as Ornamented Shield or Bonelord Shield), create a circular effect with a gold border.

Ghost Charm is available when performing the In Service of Yalahar Quest, but a much easier way to get it is to simply purchase this item from the famous NPC Black Bert.

The price of this sphere is 20.000 gold coins.

You can also get an animated version called Charged Ghost Charm. It looks a bit more attractive than the static version but getting it is more difficult.

To get this sphere, you need to purchase several Ghost Charms from NPC Black Bert before you start the mission and charge them all during completing the mission. When finishing it, you only give back one Charged Ghost Charm (hiding the rest of the spheres in the depo beforehand).

After completing the mission, getting a Charged Ghost Charm, unfortunately, becomes impossible.

Examples of use:

The screenshots below show both the Ghost Charm and Magical Water Orb.

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