Glooth Farina

QUESTOramond Quest
(the item can be collected multiple times during the mission Cooking Gloo)

You will first encounter the Glooth Farina item in the game by completing the quest “The Gloud Ship” for NPC Zeronex during the Oramond Quest.

Then, during one of his requests to prepare a Bottle of Airtight Gloo using the Glooth Cauldron (turquoise color on the map – upper floor of the building), we can read that the necessary ingredient to add is Glooth Farina: “The concoction does not stick! Sequester it with glooth farina”.

At this point, we go to the abandoned pharmacy (blue color on the map) and pull the desired item from the bookcase on level +1.

To get the item repeatedly we need to put it out from our backpack, return to the Glooth Cauldron, use it again to display the message, then return to the pharmacy and take another piece of Glooth Farina from the bookcase. We can repeat this action many times. It is enough not to use the item on the cauldron and to trigger the message without having it in your backpack.

What if we have already done this mission? Preparing the Bottle of Airtight Gloo can be repeated many times – just ask NPC Zeronex about the mission “Cooking Gloo”.


On February 9, 2021, CipSoft made some changes to the game’s graphics. These included the appearance of the Glooth Farina, which until now featured a green shining graphic that was static. Then, an animation of gentle white sparkles was added.

If you’re interested in a similar item without a shine animation – check out the tutorial on how to get a Sample of Venorean Spice!

Examples of use:

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