Heavy Stone Hammer & Large Pliers

QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

Sometimes useful tools can come in handy in our decorations! The Heavy Stone Hammer and Large Pliers are quest items and we use them in the quest “Survival of the Strongest” for NPC Grubokk, which is part of the Krailos Quest. However, getting these two tools does not require starting any quest.

All you have to do is go to the mine area and the surrounding area and find the Goblin bodies lying there. After using such a body, there is a chance to get one of these items.

One of the 3 messages will appear to us:

โ–ท This goblin hasn’t got anything useful on him.

โ–ท You found a pair of ogre pliers. This might come in handy.

โ–ท You found a heavy ogre hammer. This might come in handy.

If we manage to get one of the tools, the Goblin’s body will not be destroyed and we can try again. If we fail, the body decomposes and we have to wait 5 minutes to try to find the tool again. Fortunately, there are enough goblin bodies in and around the mine that we do not have to wait that much.

Whether you succeed or not depends largely on your luck, but be prepared for it to take several minutes.

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