Meaty Vortex, Rotten Witches’ Cauldron Seed, Screaming Cherry, Sprocketwhip Cone, Tonguefruit, Toxic Tulip Seed & Witherblossom

LOCATIONZao (Corrupted Gardens)
QUESTChildren of the Revolution
(these items can be collected multiple times)

Children of the Revolution Quest: “Collect” Task

After completing the Children of the Revolution Quest, every 20 hours we can additionally complete tasks given by NPC Chartan. The one, which is the most interesting from the decorators’ point of view is definitely the “Collect” one.

We can get as many as 7 different samples of plants:

Meaty Vortex you will collect from Carnivortex

Rotten Witches’ Cauldron Seed you will collect from Rotten Witches’ Cauldron

Screaming Cherry you will collect from Screaming Cherry Tree

Toxic Tulip Seed you will collect from Toxic Tulip

Sprocketwhip Cone you will collect from Sprocketwhip

Tonguefruit you will collect from Wraithtongue

Witherblossom you will collect from Witherstem

Rotten Witches’ Cauldron (with a sample called “Rotten Witches’ Cauldron Seed”) you will find in the area marked with pink color.

Screaming Cherry Trees (with a sample called “Screaming Cherry”) are in the area marked with blue.

Toxic Tulip, Sprocketwhip, and Witherstem (with a sample called “Toxic Tulip Seed”, “Sprocketwhip Cone”, and “Witherblossom”) are in the area marked with purple.

Carnivortex and Wraithtongue (with a sample called “Meaty Vortex” and “Tonguefruit” are in the area marked with yellow color.

Additionally, Carnivortex, Sprocketwhip, Wraithtongue, and Witherstem (with samples called: “Meaty Vortex”, “Sprocketwhip Cone”, “Tonguefruit”, and “Witherblossom”) you can find in the area marked with the color green – there you have to find a stone pile, use a shovel on it and go on lower levels.

Above are only examples of occurrence. You will find individual plants scattered throughout Corrupted Gardens.


For those who need a few copies of these flowers as soon as possible, there is good news! You don’t have to wait 20 hours to pick up the task again.
Just collect the samples you want, then take them out of your backpack, write to the NPC Chartan again asking for the “Collect” task, and confirm you want to gather the flowers again. You can repeat this process as many times as you like with no cooldown.

Player: hi
Chartan: Great Znake forgive me to converze wiz ziz unworzy blankzkin.
Player: collect
Chartan: Zo, I didn’t zee you tazte any fruit yet – did you find zomezing? You know, my men can’t take anymore right now, you need to try what you’ve found yourzelf. …
Chartan: Truzt me it iz not… zat dangerouz, really. And I? I, I myzelf am… far too important for ze reziztanze for zuch ezcapadez, of courze. Or do you want to ztart over and collect everyzing again?
Player: yes
Chartan: You will have to gazer everyzing you previouzly found again – do you ztill want to ztart over?
Player: yes
Chartan: Alright zen, no problem at all.

Examples of use:

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