Ogre Rune Stones

QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of missions and quest it will not be possible to collect these items again)

It was the first time that Divine’Angel used these stones in decoration. The Ogre Rune Stones proved to be a hit, and this trend was quickly used by other decorators in their houses as well.

We can obtain these stones from the NPC Ghorza during the mission “The Great Hunger” in the Krailos Quest. After completing a few tasks for her, the ogre asks us to fix protection runes around the village. She then gives us some missing rune stones.

It is common knowledge, however, that we decorators are more likely to keep such items for ourselves for our decorations, rather than helping the NPCs. Therefore, we don’t put the runes in the right place, but take them with us and arrange them in the houses!

And what if we need more runes?

Recently, player Missy Mystique discovered that we can trivially pick up as many runes as we need from NPC Ghorza! All we have to do is pull them out of our backpack so that the NPC thinks we don’t have them (putting them back in the depo, or putting them on the ground) and write: “lost ogre runes” or “lost runes”.

Ghorza: Hello, scraggy human.
Player: lost runes
Ghorza: Lost rune stones? Not good. Here, take new stones, but not lose again!

After each such dialogue, you will receive one more part of the rune, and thus by asking for it 5x, you will gain a new set.

If you only take one selected type of rune out of your backpack, the NPC Ghorza will give you the very item you are missing from your collection. So we can multiply the shape of our choice.

There is no cooldown for picking up the missing ogre rune stones!

PRO TIP: It is worth knowing that by going one step further with the mission to obtain the popular Ogre Rune Stones, you will not lose the opportunity to collect Voodoo Lily Pollen.

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