Painted Gourd Rattle

QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of The Great Hunger mission it will not be possible to collect the item again)

This item is obtained after completing “The Great Hunger” mission in Krailos Quest. It is a guaranteed accessory, that you will receive after completing the mission, so you do not have to worry about getting it. However, few people know that we can assemble the Painted Gourd Rattle multiple times! To do so, you need to inform the NPC Ghorza that you have lost the item with the words “lost gourd”. She will give us the base of the rattle, and our task will be to repeat all the missions according to the instructions to put it together into its final form.

Ghorza: Hello, scraggy human.
Player: lost gourd
Ghorza: Lost gourd? Not good. Here, take new one, but not lose again!

Remember that after completing “The Great Hunger mission, you will forever lose the ability to complete the Painted Gourd Rattle.

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