Poison Salt Crystal

QUESTKrailos Quest
(the item can be collected multiple times during the mission Survival of the Strongest)

This crystal is the perfect decorative element to add softness to our arrangements with its light grey color. It can be obtained by completing the task “Survival of the Strongest” for NPC Grubokk, which is part of the Krailos Quest.

The good news for any decorator should be that this task can be repeated many times. If we fully complete the task, we can return to it with the same character in the future.

We can gain a maximum of 2 crystals from a single completed task. If you want to acquire more – do not throw them into the wells. Save them by hiding them in a depo, for example, and let NPC Grubokk know that you have lost the crystals, making it necessary to start the mission again. It is important not to carry the crystals with you during this conversation.

Grubokk: Huh! Talking food! Hello!
Player: lost crystal
Grubokk: That probably not enough salt. You need find more. Not need much for puny goblins, harharharr! Need two pinches. Go look again!

Poison Salt Crystal’s appearance depends on its position on the map and changes according to the X-axis and Y-axis. As a result, the pattern intertwines like colors on a chessboard.

Examples of use:

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