Puny Ice Flower, Pretty Ice Flower, Beautiful Ice Flowers & Marvelous Ice Flowers

QUESTWithin the Tides
(with the completion of missions and quest it will be possible to collect the item again)

The graphics of these beautiful flowers have been familiar to players since the introduction of The Dream Courts Quest, as they grew around the Winter Elves Palace. Unfortunately, although they were pleasing to the eyes, they were impossible to cut down and take in your backpack to your house.

Fortunately, this changed with Summer Update 2022, when the Within the Tides Quest was introduced to the game.

By completing one of the quest missions, we receive Icicle Chisel. Using it on an ordinary Ice Cube, we have a chance to get one of the desired flowers.

The whole difficulty is that the result of our efforts can be:

failure and the Ice Cube will disappear,

Puny Ice Flower (easy to get),

Pretty Ice Flower (fairly easy to get),

Beautiful Ice Flowers (difficult to get),

Marvelous Ice Flowers (very difficult to get).

The unlucky ones will get Marvelous Ice Flowers after consuming nearly 1000 Ice Cubes!

It is important that despite completing the quest while having Icicle Chisel you can continue to create flowers from Ice Cubes.
Good news also for people who for some reason do not have Within the Tides Quest. You don’t have to complete this quest or even start it to be able to create these flowers. All you have to do is borrow the Icicle Chisel from another player and use it on Ice Cubes. The results are the same!

Examples of use:

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