Terramite Eggs

LOCATIONZao Steppes, Darama
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

Although Termite Eggs are not a very popular decorative item, they can be an interesting addition or finishing touch to various types of decorations in our Tibia houses.

You can get them by simply looting them from Terramites, which you can find in the tunnels they have hollowed out among the Zao Steppes, west of the city of Darashia, or in the tunnels under the Kha’zeel mountains (one entrance from the Tiquanda side, the other from the Darama side).

The disadvantage of this item is that Terramite Eggs are edible. This means there is some risk that by clicking on them unintentionally, you will simply eat them.

Examples of use:

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