Voodoo Lily Pollen

LOCATIONKrailos, Thais
QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of “The Great Hunger” mission it will not be possible to collect the item again)

Voodoo Lily Pollen is a very popular decorative item, especially in blue or purple-colored arrangements. This item stacks up, and depending on the amount – the pollen density also changes. This allows us to give a very fine shade of blue-violet color, or to completely change the color of a particular SQM.

You can get it relatively easy by “using” a flower called “Voodoo Lily” in two cases:

▷ by not starting the Krailos Quest at all (for example, an 8th level character that is only used to collect pollens),

▷ when you are in the middle of a Krailos Quest but have not completed “The Great Hunger”.

Remember that you will not be able to pick up the pollen from the Voodoo Lily after completing “The Great Hunger” mission.

The moment you manage to collect the pollen, you will see a message in the game window: “You gather some blue-violet pollen from the voodoo lily.”

You will find Voodoo Lily scattered throughout Krailos. For those who want to place a noobchar there is good news. One of the flowers is located right next to Depo (by NPC Lorek) – in a protected zone. Our character will be safe there.

You can also find Voodoo Lily in the 25 Years of Tibia Quest area, which is very similar to Krailos. There you will encounter quite a number of monsters called “Memory of an Ogre”, which can be troublesome, especially for low-level players. Unfortunately, despite their different location, characters with completed Krailos Quest cannot collect pollen from these flowers either.

Krailos seems to be a more friendly area from the decorator’s point of view 😉

PRO TIP: It is worth knowing that by going one step further with the mission to obtain the popular Ogre Rune Stones, you will not lose the opportunity to collect Voodoo Lily Pollen.

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