Magiska Malin

Character: Magiska Malin

Server: Antica

Every year Tibia gives us more and more opportunities to decorate our homes in the game. Some people feel really good in this field and their decorations are loved by the rest of the players. Magiska is undoubtedly one of them!

Each Tibian decorator has a unique style. The decorations of this popular among social media sorcerer from Antica, stand out with lots of vibrant colors and interesting stacks of objects resulting in multi-colored shapes.

Visit her on Instagram, follow, and give feedback! You can find many more beautiful decorations that Magiska has created there.

Instagram: @magiskamalin

You can also admire her decorations during many different contests organized by fansites.

Below you can see another arrangement of the same rooms:

Room decoration made especially for the upcoming level advancement!

Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

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