Character: Milny

Server: Solidera

Without a doubt, a very important part of playing Tibia for Milagros is the house decorations! She can’t imagine her character living in a randomly decorated house. That’s why she takes great care in choosing colors, and items so that they best reflect her fabulously colorful style in the game!

The rainbow is a very popular and well-used motif. However, few people combine rainbow colors with many different shapes, which create a slightly more complicated whole. Milny does it perfectly!

Above, is the amazingly decorated “Bronze Brothers Bastion,” the largest guildhall in the city of Rathleton. It takes an incredibly great imagination to decorate this huge area in a rather difficult color scheme and achieve such a great effect!

For fans of the color pink, the feast for the senses is just beginning.

Milny likes a challenge, so you will often meet her decorations in cities, which from the decorators’ point of view are quite difficult due to the small number of pushable objects.

Below is a decoration in a house on Liberty Bay, starring the famous Luna!

Below are 3 different arrangements for the same house in Yalahar:

Which one do you like best? We’ll give you a hint – there is only one correct answer: “ALL OF THEM!”.

Another beautiful decoration in pink shades straight from Yalahar!

Below is also something for fans of the color blue!

Recently, Milny has begun to add a theme of magical nature, full of fresh colors of the Feyrist forest, to her lovely pink decorations. This resulted in an amazing finish. Her decorations have become even more interesting.

Check out her newest house in Yalahar – Luminous Arc 1:

We literally fell in love with this Feyrist-inspired terrace!

If you like these decorations, visit Milny’s social media and check out her work. It’s pure pleasure to see all these beautiful arrangements, in which pink and blue prevail.

Instagram: @miliedolls2

Also, don’t forget to drop by the fansite created by Milagros and her friends, where she presents her creativity in the form of fan fiction stories!

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