Monzcarro Murcatto

Character: Monzcarro Murcatto

Server: Premia

Monzcarro Murcatto or simply Monzi is definitely one of the most creative house decorators in Tibia.

Decorators usually focus on individual items and their appearance. Monzi, however, treats objects as a tool to create something moreโ€ฆ Each of her decorations is designed to not only please the eye, but to tell a story, depict a scene, or relate to literature or film.

In addition to decorations, this talented girl also creates rug designs or columns from existing objects. She was the one who came up with the idea of using things in such a way that the average player didn’t even pay attention!

One of Monzi’s favorite decorations, among those she created herself. We can only admit with delight, that we would never have come up with such fantastic ideas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

There was already a squirrel, and there was a cockatrice, but that’s not the end of the mythical creatures in her decorations!

This creativity is what makes Monzi unique, and her decorations are recognizable and extremely popular among players!

See some of her beautiful work:

Decorations created by Monzcarro Murcatto are also full of lighting effects. How about a walk in the garden at night? Her extraordinary sense of combining themes and lighting makes the decorations literally magical!

Below the same house, but in a completely different arrangement. From the garden, we move to the land of submerged treasures under the water, sea animals, and plants.

But that’s not the end of the treasures! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you paid attention to these columns?

We invite you to read the article written by Monzi for our partners – under the title “Columns, Pillars, and Pedestals (Oh My!)”.

Sometimes you can meet Monzi during various contests organized by official Tibia fansites. There, too, her decorations stand out from others with their creativity and unique ideas. – Valentine’s Day Contest 2021

“The Stubborn Heart”

We love it, how about you?

Visit Monzi on her social media to be up to date with her newest decorations!

Instagram: @monzimurcatto

All of the above photos of Monzi are by her, each titled, with her own logo! But also take a look at the beautiful shots of her decorations through the eyes of other players:

We are really delighted with the work of Monzcarro Murcatto, but if you are curious how the adventure of decorating houses in Tibia looks from her perspective and what interesting things such a creative decorator has to say, then be sure to read the interview with Monzi herself!

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