Monzcarro Murcatto

Character: Monzcarro Murcatto

Server: Premia

Monzcarro Murcatto or simply Monzi is definitely one of the most creative house decorators in Tibia. Each of her decorations is designed to not only please the eye, but to tell a story, depict a scene, or relate to literature or film.

Such a creative idea for this game makes Monzi unique, and her decorations are recognizable and extremely popular among players!

See some of her beautiful work:

Sometimes you can meet Monzi during various contests organized by official Tibia fansites. There, too, her decorations stand out from others with their creativity and unique ideas. – Valentine’s Day Contest 2021

“The Stubborn Heart”

We love it, how about you?

Visit Monzi on her social media to be up to date with her newest decorations!

Instagram: @monzimurcatto

Decorations created by Monzcarro Murcatto are also fun with lighting effects. How about a walk in the garden at night?

Visit her on Instagram, leave a comment and most of all: admire her gorgeous decorations!

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