Character: Norelli

Server: Premia

What makes our houses in Tibia attractive? Well… there are a few factors, like the location, SQM quantity… and of course our houses decoration! This girl is definitely a specialist in this regard.

Below is an example of decoration in a small house, which proves that tasteful decorating does not necessarily involve investing in expensive houses!

Because for a true decorator, any occasion is a good time to create something new, Norelli made a few decorations to celebrate moments that were special to her. One of them was winning the popular fansite item “Love Elixir” in a contest, which looks great in her arrangement!

Another special moment was the purchase of a dream unicorn called Luna representing the website in Tibia (this decoration was created in collaboration with Monzcarro Murcatto):

One more decoration created for a special occasion is one made especially to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Of course, Norelli doesn’t shy away from competitions related to decorating houses or areas in the game, and because of her fantastic choice of colors and items, she is really successful in them!

Do you like her style? Here you can see some results of the collaboration between Norelli & Mikolaj:

The same house, but this time decorated in a different way:

Are you curious about the house belonging to the girl who creates such beautiful decorations in the game? Here it is!


Below you will also see an extraordinary decoration in a truly pirate style created at the most prestigious Warrior’s Guildhall in Thais! Despite such a large area, Ania managed perfectly!

A fantastic decoration inspired by her good friend Monzcarro Murcatto from Premia. Because good decoration is not only interesting stacks and placement of objects in the room, but also beautiful carpets composed by players!

Below are some more decorations, including many made for various contests organized by Tibia fansites!

Norelli is definitely one of the most talented decorators in Tibia. You can follow her on social media and read her articles on

Instagram: @norelli_tibia

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