Ficus Benjamina

LOCATIONVenore, Oramond
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

These palms are a popular decoration used in houses. They make a great space filler and with their color are a great backdrop for other, slightly brighter items.

The item cannot be picked up, but it can be transported by pushing it towards its destination every few SQM.

You can “stand” on this object, you can walk on it without any problem and you can set any objects on it.


You’ll find Ficus Benjamina scattered throughout the various buildings where NPCs provide services to players.

IMPORTANT: The location of this plant makes it possible to transport it not only within Venore. We can push it all over the main continent, to cities such as Thais, CarlinAb’Dendriel, Kazordoon, and Northport. What’s more, thanks to the teleport system in the Explorer Society buildings, we have the possibility to move the palms to Port Hope and further – to Ankrahmun or Darashia.


Ficus Benjamina can be found in the Rathleton City area. Look around the stores, service buildings, and walk to the magistrate. You will see that there are quite a few of them there.

However, when your need is greater, you can also find them in the Rathleton Workshops area. They are scattered throughout many buildings on the upper floors.

CURIOSITY: Areca Palms and Ficus Benjamin can also be found on fairly popular hunting spots like Undead Elite Gladiators and Skeleton Elite Warriors. Unfortunately, the teleport system makes it impossible to move these items and get them out to the desert surface.

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