Heavy Ball

LOCATIONFolda, Liberty Bay
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

A ball that, with its attractive appearance and eye-pleasing color, can be a cool part of the decoration. Unfortunately, the item can not be picked up and packed in a backpack. It can only be pushed on the ground and is therefore only usable in the area where it occurs.

Heavy Ball can be trivially purchased from NPC Svenson on Folda simply by asking for “heavy ball” in dialogue. Unfortunately, such a location makes the item useless from the decorator’s point of view.

SvensonFolda123 gp

Fortunately for Liberty Bay’s citizens, one copy of this ball can be found deep in the underground of Corym Market and brought to the surface.

To reach the ball, go down to level -4 by the only possible route, and there go to the room on the left, where you will find NPC Larry accompanied by several harmless monsters, such as coryms and Witch.

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