Small Golden Taboret

LOCATIONOramond, Issavi, Darashia
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

This Small Golden Taboret can only be found in two cities in Tibia – Rathleton, and Issavi. You can move it to your house by pushing it on the floor. You can also walk on it.


Taborets can only be found in Rathleton City in buildings where NPCs offer their services to you, e.g. in the tavern to the left of the Depo or in the Post Office.


You can a few Small Golden Taborets in the huge library area on level +2 (near the NPC Librarian). Together with other items and objects related to the library and books, they decorate this building.


You will also find this little taboret among the fallen city of the undead – Drefia. From there it is possible to transport it to the cities like: Darashia, Ankrahmun, and even Port Hope.

Example of taborets’ location on Drefia:

IMPORTANT: The location of this taboret makes it possible to transport it to the main continent. We can push it to the Explorer Society building in Port Hope and thanks to the teleport system we have the possibility to move the taboret to Northport.

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