Character: Pyzaa

Server: Antica

There’s a reason we started with screenshots rather than a description. The decoration of this well-known paladin and streamer from Antica speaks for itself! Rich in details, rare items, rewards, and most of all in colors! The effects are mind-blowing.

The same house and 3 different arrangements. And each one is perfect. This girl undoubtedly has a talent for combining colors so that her decorations draw attention with vibrant colors and thoughtful stacks of objects.

Paulina’s decorations, however, are not just for her own house on Edron. She has actually decorated quite a few houses, guildhalls, and even in-game areas in her career. Both for pleasure and on the occasion of many contests organized by Tibia fansites. You can see some of her other decorations below:

Something that sets Pyzaa apart from other decorators is her love of creating Christmas decorations. She’s really good at it, as evidenced by her many successes in competitions.

For the decoration above, Paulina won first place in a contest organized by No wonder, it came out phenomenal!

You can enjoy other Christmas decorations below:

Visit her on social media and keep an eye on her upcoming decorations.

Instagram: @pyzaa_antica

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