Suzy Kill

Character: Suzy Kill

Server: Gladera

Instagram: @suzykills2

If you are interested in decorating houses, you must know Suzy! Her achievements in this field are well known for years among the Tibia community on Instagram or contests lovers. By 2021 you can also visit her own official fansite:!

Above you can view only a sample of her amazing decorations. Creative shapes, a great combination of colours and unique stacks – treat it as a short description of all the work she has put into decorating.

Making such beautiful decorations is true art!

Suzy Kill is also an author of very inspiring Christmas decorations!

House decoration is definitely her main hobby, but there is something more, that proves how creative she is… cosplays!

If you are still not sure, if Suzy is a perfect woman, here you can see the proof, that her other talent is… cooking! Yes!

… for example, dishes well known from Tibia!

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