Tytanka & Claymore

Character: Tytanka Knight & Vincent Claymore

Server: Harmonia

This duo is not only partners in decorating houses, but also a couple in real life. That’s why together they join forces in passion and create beautiful and often very original arrangements in Tibia that are memorable!

What makes their decorations stand out? For them, the adventure of arranging Tibian interiors begins with the selection of the house itself. This is because they don’t own only one permanent house, but buy more and more to match the theme of their decorations and create something truly unique.

A great example of taking advantage of the location and design of a house and matching it with decorations is the famous “Hare’s Den” located at Outlaw Camp:

How about a rooftop garden?

Another example is a unique house – “Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell”:

It’s also certainly worth noting that this couple doesn’t overuse decorations to arrange every free SQM and tries to keep a balance, with amazing results. In some rooms, we’ll end up with a really complicated decoration so that when walking through the corridors we have the pleasure of walking through… clean floor. And this is great! 😉

Below “Low Waters Observatory” to the north of the ancient city of Ankrahmun:

Lots of space, and huge and empty corridors, but see for yourself how rich in detail each room is. Those of you who play on the Harmonia server can visit the house yourself in person to see this beautiful decoration live. “Low Waters Observatory” is open to the entire server. As are some of the other houses the couple owns. Especially during “Double Experience & Skill Weekend” events, you can take advantage of the Exercise Dummies they leave for players to use.

It’s impressive!

To the east of Port Hope is located a jungle full of surprises and dangerous monsters called Tiquanda. But not on Harmonia. There, the jungle is located in the center of the city of Port Hope. Or, more precisely, in a house belonging to Tytanka and Claymore!

“The Lair” underground:

This seemingly modest decoration makes an incredible impression thanks to the perfect selection of items for the look of the room itself.

Below we are pleased to present you a gallery of other shots and floors of the houses shown earlier. It proves that the couple’s decorations could be talked about for a really long time, and each one is worth noting!

We also have great news for you! This creative couple also runs an Instagram account, where you will be updated on their latest creations!

Instagram: @tytanka_and_claymore

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