Character: Vigorouz

Server: Marbera

It would seem that some players are just made for decorating. They catch on very quickly to how to go about it and the results they achieve delight players passing by their houses! One such decorator is undoubtedly Vigorouz!

“I’ve always had an eye for the small details growing up so when I started decorating it came easy to me.”

Vigorouz, “How to become a decorator in Tibia?

This player has a truly impressive number of very prestigious houses in game. He selects them in such a way, as to be able to create really large compositions, so he does not limit himself to just a single address. Below you can see Wood Avenue, 7, 8 and 11, all houses decorated by him!

Harbour Place 3, Thais:

It can be seen that a combination of red, green, and gold is a theme he likes very much. On other floors, to break up these colors, he chooses blue (often also in combination with gold). This works perfectly, and his decorations look extremely impressive!

Central Circle 1 & 2, Edron

And here is Central Circle 2, Edron (garden on level +1) in a slightly different color scheme. No less delightful!

Regardless of the guiding color scheme of the Vigorouz’s decorations, each one catches the eye through a lot of details and perfect combinations!

Below you will find many more of his decorations, the theme of which is invariably lots of plants and flowers!

Seeking new challenges, Vigorouz is not limited to the Edron he knows and loves, or the relatively easy to decorate Thais. He has also purchased his new home in the slightly more difficult, more specific city of Rathleton. The results are wonderful!

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