Yetis, the legendary creatures that inhabit the Ice Islands. Few have seen them, and even fewer have survived encounters with them. However, in spite of the great risk, new warriors set off on a journey across distant lands, hoping to be the lucky ones worthy of fighting these mysterious beings.

This extremely rare creature has been one of my favorite monsters from the world of Tibia for years. That’s why in 2017, starting my adventure with pixel art I wanted to immortalize Yeti in some way. The 32×32 size allowed me to design a baby yeti.

Creating process, 2017

Although this adorable little guy was initially supposed to represent my first and relatively new at the time project,, in the game, I had to admit that it looked rather grubby and abandoned the idea. I saved the sprite and it remained forgotten somewhere in the recesses of the hard drive.

The project did not return until 2021. That was when the website announced a contest for a fansite item, in which participants were expected to make a doll wearing Amazon Set or… a yeti doll! On this occasion, I refreshed the little Yeti quite significantly by improving the shape, increasing the contrast, and, above all, adding an interesting animation showing the disappearance of the item. Where did this idea come from?

Yeti is very hard to meet and if you manage to do it, it’s a great joy. However, much greater emotions are aroused by the bad luck that can happen to us when these legendary creatures disappear in front of our eyes! This prank has already moved more than one player.

2017 vs. 2021

Unfortunately, despite a rather good sprite, I didn’t manage to get a place on the podium. However, I was delighted to see so much enthusiasm for the doll after the animation was published on my profile on Instagram. The little Yeti turned out to be one of the most liked posts in 2021 both on my Instagram game-related account @pochwalona and on @tibiafanart profile! This success has rewarded me a lot!

Vussia, the heroine of this paragraph, has always been a fan of this sprite. She liked the animation of the doll disappearing so much that she suggested it be the graphic representing our fansite in the game. Although this wasn’t in the plans, and I was still not too sure about my “creation” – she talked me into it!

stage 1
stage 2

I decided to improve the sprite again by correcting the shape of the item, shading, and turning up the contrast even more. I tried to make the animation smoother, and most importantly – I added a brand new animation with a snowflake appearing. Finally, after so many years I felt it was ready!

Just when it might seem like the end of the story for this project – I encountered unexpected complications. The second stage was not accepted by CipSoft’s graphics department. The cloud of magic powder had to be surrounded by a black line.

It looked very bad.

I decided to change the magic powder animation into an electric spark emitting light, so there was no need to use a very contrasting outline with the rest of the graphics. Additionally, I also made some minor changes to the vortex animation.

Check the final result below:

stage 1
stage 2

I hope I managed to get out of this situation in such a way that the sprite itself doesn’t lose its charm on this one! How do you guys like it?

{opis graficznie}

The author of all sounds and description of Yeti Doll is Ordinary Citizen, who at the beginning co-created helping me with the translation of texts.


Who doesn’t know the little spoiled demons from the “Demon’s Lullaby” event? That’s what we all love them for! We wanted to give our Yeti the same character!

A reference to the popular Bunnyslippers couldn’t be missed!

Have you watched the movie “Frozen”? If not, be sure to catch up!

To reference the Yetis that have existed in the game for years, we have also added the original yodeling that these creatures are known for.

Is there anyone around the world who doesn’t like Bob Ross? Impossible! His “happy trees” have inspired the whole world for decades, we hope that will be associated at least a little bit as positively as this wonderful painter!


Let’s see how sprite has changed over the years! How do you like the final result?


I hope you like this sprite, and if you are interested in my pixel art designs, please visit me on Instagram: @makadamia.pixelart!

See you there!

Players who received Yeti Doll:

  • Makadamia – creator of the item and administrator ( staff)
  • Mad Def – administrator ( staff)
  • Divine’Angel – ( staff)