TibiaFanart.com is a fansite created by a bunch of friends, dedicated to all artists and in-game decorators. Our intention is to promote their body of work, present all the effort and passion they have put into their hobbies, and inspire all people, who want to try to spend their time in a creative way!

Even though TibiaFanart.com is our passion project we are already experienced in running a fansite and the results of our work can be seen on TibiaBosses.com or TibiaGoals.com!

Quick Guide

TibiaFanart.com includes a few main sections:


  • NEWS – news and changes introduced to the website,
  • RULES – rules to follow when working with our fansite,
  • ABOUT US – few words about TibiaFanart.com staff and a quick guide to the website,
  • CONTACT – e-mail, through which you will give us both your comments and suggestions on the work of the fansite, as well as the artwork you want us to publish,
  • HISTORY – the history of our site in a nutshell. There you will find the most important dates for us, events, as well as summaries of each year of activity,
  • MEMBERS – list of TibiaFanart.com members,
  • FORUM – the site’s forum, where users can share suggestions, or take part in contests we organize
  • PARTNERS – Tibia fansites we recommend,
  • YETI DOLL – the history of the creation of our fansite item.


  • FANART – there you will find everything dedicated to fanart: artists we promote, galleries dedicated to fanart, sprites created by players, tattoos dedicated to Tibia, and even interviews with artists.
  • HOUSE DECORATIONS – there you will find everything dedicated to decorating houses: guides, whether on items and objects, DIY tutorials or guides on the technical aspects of decorating, thematic articles, galleries of decorations, decorators we promote, and interesting interviews,
  • SPRITES – a unique place where you will find a lot of information on sprites created by players. You will find there both those not used in the game, as well as in the most complete list of Fansite Items available to players,
  • TATTOO – a comprehensive gallery dedicated to tibia-themed tattoos,
  • OFFICIAL GRAPHICS – the biggest database of Cipsoft’s artworks in one place!
  • CONTESTS competitions organized by TibiaFanart.com, along with the history and results of past events,
  • INFO – everything you will find in the TOP MENU, that is, pages dedicated to fansite organizations.

Hope you guys like this idea!

Fansite Staff:


Admin. Founder and originator of TibiaFanart.

Looks for creative people and their artwork writes articles and takes care of the content, which you can find on the fansite.

Instagram: @pochwalona

Bijou Kidi

Social Media Manager.

Actively publishes fanart and contest entries known from our fansite on the Instagram account to promote artists and the TibiaFanart.com project.

Instagram: @bijoukidiantica



Takes care of the interviews with artists, which you can find on the fansite, helps with translating content into English.

Instagram: @0h_divine



She creates content related to decorating homes in Tibia, ranging from short tutorials to more complex thematic articles.

Instagram: @norelli_tibia

Mad Def

Admin. Founder of TibiaFanart.

He deals with technical matters.


Bigg Melon


He helps in searching for the most beautiful Tibia-related artworks and making videos.

Helps in solving technical problems with the site.



Social media manager. Founder of TibiaFanart.

She has been active in sharing art on our profile on Instagram. She supported TibiaFanart.com with ingenuity and advice on many decisions.

Ordinary Citizen


He took care of English translations of texts during the first months of the website’s existence. He worked on the creation of many of the main sections of TibiaFanart.com.

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