TibiaFanart.com History


It was then that the first page on TibiaFanart.com was created. This date is also officially recognized as our birthday! Initially, the project was kept secret so that it would quietly and without witnesses take shape. Only over time did we become active on Instagram, where we could better advertise the content of our site. Our friends from TibiaGoals.com also played a huge role in promoting TibiaFanart.com!


It was then that we received our first beautiful logo!

The author of the logo design was the TibiaFanart.com admin, Makadamia. This is what the initial sketches looked like. This sketch was created solely for the purpose of explaining the concept. At that time it didn’t yet promise that the graphics representing us would be so pretty!

The logo was done by Misha Artwork, one of the first promoted by TibiaFanart.com artists famous for drawing Chibi-style characters. Why such a choice? We wanted the logo to be full of quite intense, bright colors and finished with a thick outline. Misha perfectly handles works in this style.


Exactly then, after 6 months of monitoring the site, TibiaFanart.com became part of the fansite programme and became an official Supported Tibia Fansite having the honor of being part of the history of the game.

We were one of the few sites in the program’s history to receive only 100% positive feedback.


It was then that the little Yeti Doll was officially introduced to Tibia, which became the mascot and, at the same time, the item representing TibiaFanart.com fansite in the game!

The author of the sprite is the site’s admin, Makadamia.


That day Tibiafanart.com had the honor of being advanced to the ranks of promoted fansites. This is undoubtedly a huge milestone and a great success for this small, but steadily growing site, which gave us a great boost of motivation to create more and more player-inspiring content!

Summary Of The Year

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