Cindy Avelino

Character: Sayui

Server: Kalibra

Once upon a timeโ€ฆ well, maybe not that long ago! ๐Ÿ˜‰ A few years ago you could admire her amazing works published on popular fansites. Some of them were made for the contests, others to embellish the work of fansites in drawings full of detail and color.

Here are just some of them!

Cindy’s drawings and wallpapers also depicted many menacing and dark creatures. How do you like the once feared Grim Reaper? And how about this fantastic interpretation of Hellspawn from the illustration below? Despite the passage of years (this artwork dates back to 2010) it still looks impressive!

And did you also run away at the mere sight of a Hellhound?

Cindy recently returned in a big way by taking part in a couple of contests organized by fansites. โ€“ 15th Anniversary Contest 2022

The participant’s task was to create a brand new monster using the theme of their fansite item, The Epic Wisdom. There’s no denying that her work is really imaginative and, of course, very professionally done!

However, Cindy also surprised everybody in a contest organized by and, where you had to create with your own hands one of the monsters from the bestiary category: Construct or magic. Her choice was Bonelord. & โ€“ Craft a Creature Contest 2022

And the result is amazing! We look forward to more!

Also, stop by on her social media:

Instagram: @cindyaavelino



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