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    If you’ve been waiting for more fanart by a wide range of authors working in a different art fields, such as digital drawing, crafting, and even amigurumi dolls, you’ll be pleased with the news that has appeared on the fansite. In the FANART GALLERY section, you will find many new images of works created by professional artists and hobbyists. Stop by there and see what new we have to show. And if you are interested in a particular artist, contact them personally and order something beautiful – for yourself or as a gift! You will not be disappointed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    News on TibiaFanart! In our main FANART GALLERY, you will find almost 20 new artworks of different categories! Both those prepared on the occasion of fansite contests and hobbyists. Be sure to check it out! The subpage dedicated to the famous artist Lupus Aurelius has also been rewritten and updated. Learn about his sprites and brand-new digital drawings! Check out the interview with this artist on our partner site – TibiaTales.com! In addition, to improve finding information, a tag system has been introduced to posts. If you are interested in a particular topic – just click on the topic you are interested in. Tag Cloud can be found on the…

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