Gustavo Santiago

Character: Eric Stardust

Server: Descubra

Gustavo Santiago is definitely one of the most popular Tibia fanart creators. He is a professional illustrator and you can admire his works on many popular art-related.

Undoubtedly, Gustavo owes his recognition, players’ appreciation, and fantastic graphic design results to his years of experience. Searching online, you can find his first fanart even from 2013!


profile: gustavo-santiago

profile: gustavo-santiago

Visit his profiles on art platforms, and social media, follow, drop a comment and enjoy this beautiful world of Tibia presented by Gustavo!

We will introduce you to just a fraction of his work. However, we hope it will give you a slightly different perspective on some aspects of the game. There’s no denying that after getting familiar with Gustavo’s work, Tibia becomes more beautiful!

Looking through the above drawings, you may have noticed that quite a few of them are well-known bosses in Tibia. Gustavo Santiago has dedicated quite a large part of his Tibia portfolio to them.

Below you will see a few more of them.

The Time Guardian:


King Zelos:


While previously plenty of drawings depicted bosses, as time went on Gustavo increasingly created scenes full of dynamics, such as hunting, PvP, and PvE battles as well as smaller, square drawings with selected characters on commission. Which subject matter do you prefer?

PvP Battle:

Ipaminondas vs. Rookgaard monsters:

Rookgaard doesn’t scare you? How about fighting the hordes of Lost Souls?

โ€ฆOr even worse – with your mirror image from your nightmares?

Below are also some of the latest drawings by this incredibly talented guy. Their subject matter and style are quite diverse, but you have to admit that the common denominator of all these drawings is great quality, the richness of colors and dynamics. They are all wonderful!

Who says you can’t fit plenty of dynamics and action on a smaller format?

Drawings of your characters on mounts, or during the hunt, in your favorite equipment can prove to be the perfect game souvenir, avatar, or image that we can publish on social media.

If you like Gustavo’s digital drawings, you
can also order something for yourself! This artist is open to commissions, from
logos, and small illustrations depicting your characters, to complex,
large-format illustrations. His offerings have been used by both popular
resellers and, more recently, some official and unofficial fansites!

Contact him via social media.

Since we mentioned Gustavo Santiago’s collaboration with various Tibia fansites, you can admire his drawings on, published as wallpapers or headers! There you will mainly find some of his older works.

Check out other new artworks:

However, this is not the end of his activities related to fansites. Gustavo created a beautiful illustration depicting a witch with a pumpkin for! Probably every Tibian decorator knows that the witch is the symbol of this fansite, and the pumpkin (known as Evora in the game) is their fansite item, but no doubt the drawing in his design brought, even more, Halloween atmosphere. Chapeau bas!

Gustavo also created a logo for, where the pumpkin is shown in its less demonic form!

Gustavo Santiago’s dedication and willingness to create can be admired as a result of working closely with, as a member of their team! This is a fansite, which is known for its content related to the collections of items we can create in the game – both themed, and event-related, but also expensive and legendary items. Therefore, Gustavo presented the fansite’s admin surrounded by a collection of rare and valuable items.

He is also the author of the site’s logo!

On the left, you can see another
graphic, featuring player Garoto Do Sorriso prepared
especially for an interview with this famous achievement collector:

“Smile Boy” is a type of
the collector who does not collect things items. He is an achievement
collector, an example of determination, conquering the top 2 global so
far, but for that a great sacrifice was necessary: he killed himself
countless times, going from level 643 to 6. Gustavo has fantastically reflected
the style and character of this player using images of graphics and objects
associated with achievements.

more you will find on

On the left, you will see a drawing depicting Makadamia, made for an interview titled “A Collector Who Designed Her Collection.”

Makadamia is known for creating many of the existing fansite items in the game, and her creations are largely dolls – usually those depicting animals. Gustavo perfectly portrayed the character of her designs, giving them a cute and playful look of plush mascots, which the author herself has great affection for and hugs tightly!

more you will find on

Thanks to his contribution, all the projects he has been involved in look extremely professional.


Gustavo Santiago has also poured his passion quite recently into competitions organized by Tibia fansites. No wonder, since his professionalism and the high quality of the artwork he has done, as well as his creativity, makes his works really well judged!

Here you can see his submission for His task was to create a logo and a small (150×100 pix) banner. He did a really great job and became a winner of this contest:


Another logo, this time created for the contest organized by in 2021 – both in the Bonelord theme. Which one is your favorite? ๐Ÿ™‚

Gustavo doesn’t limit himself to logos though, and you can also see his wonderful illustrations in the contests! – Special Christmas Contest 2021 โ€“ 15th Anniversary Contest 2022


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