Gustavo Santiago

Gustavo Santiago is definitely one of the most popular Tibia fan art creators. He is a professional illustrator and you can admire his works on many popular art-related platforms.




His artworks are extremely popular with Tibia players and used as graphics by fansites. Just take a look at the gallery below, it’s just a fraction of his work.

King Zelos:

Visit his profiles on art platforms, social media, follow, drop a comment and enjoy this beautiful world of Tibia presented by Gustavo!


Recently Gustavo started to participate in the contests organized by Tibia fansites.

Here you can see his submission for His task was to create a logo and a small (150×100 pix) banner. He did a really great job and became a winner of this contest:


Another logos, this time created for – both in the Bonelord theme. Which one is your favorite? 🙂

Gustavo doesn’t limit himself to logos though, and you can also see his wonderful illustrations in the contests! – Special Christmas Contest 2021

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