RULES is a little hub for artists, who create different kinds of artworks related to the MMORPG game Tibia. However, if you are not a professional artist but a hobbyist, don’t worry! We don’t judge experience levels! We want every creative person to feel comfortable here. On the other hand, those less creative are welcome to view works created with passion!

Our goal is to promote artists, their body of work and inspire all players, who always wanted to try, but didn’t have enough motivation.

  1. publishes artworks with artists’ permission, to help them promote their body of work.
  2. All rights are reserved and belong to the artists. Copying of artworks and using it for personal business is illegal and forbidden!
  3. Have you noticed any wrong information? Contact us via e-mail, contact form or direct message on Instagram.
  4. You don’t want us to publish your artworks anymore or remove already published photos? Contact us via e-mail, contact form or direct message on Instagram.
  5. is not responsible for the course of transactions between the artists we present and the people ordering services from them.
  6. Donations are completely voluntary and we do not require any payments for promoting the artists. If you like our job, you can support us.


Everybody’s welcome! No matter if you are an experienced, professional artist or do something creative from time to time as a hobby!

Just send us some good-quality photos via e-mail (, or direct message on Instagram.

Note, that we do not accept fanarts, which are:

  • OTS-related,
  • referring to any countries,
  • racist,
  • sexual-related,
  • drug-related,
  • harassing or generally objectionable statements,
  • plagiarism,
  • poor quality of photos,
  • artworks where minimal effort has been invested.

Remember to include information like: the title of the artwork, the author’s nickname, and if possible – social media (the art-related Instagram profile, ArtStation, DeviantART, etc.) to share the whole body of work with our community!

Your artwork will be published on our fansite in the main gallery (“FANART” section) and later on our Instagram profile!

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