Isabela Maria Esculturas

If you are a fan of figurines, especially those related to Tibia, then Isabela Maria creates something for you!

Check out the gallery above for her work depicting representatives of each vocation known from Tibia! Do you like it? Below you will also see similar figures made a little later.

Elder Druid:

Elite Knight:

Royal Paladin:

Master Sorcerer:

Isabela Maria’s artwork is simply perfect! Every detail looks just gorgeous.

If you like the figures by her, don’t worry. Isabela by no means limits herself to depicting only professions. She can make a figure, especially for you in the outfit and colors of your choice. Below you can see the Hand of The Inquisition Outfit ordered by one of the players:

We invite you to visit her social media! Check out these, as well as hundreds of other 100% handmade and hand-painted figurines.

Instagram: @isabela_maria_esculturas

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