Dragon Egg Shells

QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of The Great Hunger mission it will not be possible to collect the item again)

Have you ever thought about a decoration whose main theme is dragons? An ideal addition to such an idea would be the Dragon Egg Shells, available during one of the Krailos Quest missions.

To get them, our character may not have started the Krailos Quest adventure yet, or be in the middle of it, but not have completed the mission “The Great Hunger”. This is when the shells will play their part.
We must pull them directly from the dragon’s nest, which is located on a rock southeast of the ogre village.

We need to climb the stairs, head gently south and use the nest. We will get one copy of Dragon Egg Shells and see the message “You gather some grey, blue-spotted egg shell pieces from the hatched dragon’s nest.”. Want to collect more shells, we will have to wait for the cooldown: 1h.

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