Ground Reed

QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

Use a secret agent tool (it can also be a machete, heavy machete, or scythe) on the Reed growing in the Kilmaresh area. Blue circles indicate examples of reedbed sites.

Remember that you can only cut down Reed once it has reached 3rd stage of growth. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to collect reeds in a safe area without meeting any monsters. The Reed to the south of Issavi before passing the bridge is too unripened.

After cutting it down you will receive a Bunch of Reed.

Use Bunch of Reed on a Millstone located in any town. To the east of the city of Issavi in the Nykri Delta area, you will find a fairly large Reed plantation, and you will also find a mill nearby (marked with a red circle on the map above).

This way we get the item we want.

You can repeat this activity an unlimited number of times.

Examples of use:

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