Ice Flower

LOCATIONWinter Dream Court
QUESTThe Dream Courts Quest
The item is also widely available on the Market.

Ice Flowers are a fairly easy-to-obtain and commonly available decorative item in the game.

It is included in the loot of elves representing the popular hunting ground of mid-level players – Winter Dream Court:

Wanting to get the item personally, it would be necessary to make access to this place as part of The Dream Courts Quest. Simply start the quest by talking with NPC Myzzi and you will be granted access to the Winter Courts. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be welcome there and the “Ice Elves” are pretty strong monsters.

This way, by killing the inhabitants there, you can loot the desired amount of Ice Flowers.

Since Dream Courts is an extremely popular place among players, it is much easier to buy the necessary amount of flowers on the Market. On populated servers, their availability is practically unlimited!

Examples of use:

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