Magical Water Orb

QUESTA Pirate’s Tail Quest
(we can get this item multiple times, even after completing the quest)

This orb is an item that is part of a Pirate’s Tail Quest. Anyone can get it, as the quest has no specified minimum level.

In order to do so, we need to talk to the NPC Eustacio, who can be found near the ship in Venore on level 0 (this means that when leaving the ship, we need to go down the nearest stairs to the south).

We can get the orb multiple times, even if our character has completed a Pirate’s Tail Quest.

Magical Water Orb

Ghost Charm

A similar item to this orb is Ghost Charm, available from NPC Black Bert for 20000 gp. It is worth mentioning, however, that, unlike the Magical Water Orb, Ghost Charm is not animated.

Examples of use:

The screenshots below show both the Magical Water Orb and Ghost Charm.

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