Megasylvan Plant

QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.


Megasylvan Plant is quite an interesting potted flower, which can be obtained in an original way.

To create this plant we need to have two items:

Megasylvan Sapling

You see a megasylvan sapling.
It weighs 5.00 oz.
A sapling from the megasylvan form of Yselda of Bounac. The prime “Seed of Life”.

You can get this item in two ways:

1. loot it from the boss known as Megasylvan Yselda (in this case, take into account that it is a very rare drop and you should be patient),
2. borrow/buy it from the other player – he will not lose anything on it (the item does not disappear after use), and you can only gain.

Empty Flower Pot

You see an empty flower pot.

You can buy it from NPC Nelliem of Venore for 250 gp.

Our task is to use Megasylvan Sapling on an Empty Flower Pot. If we perform this simple task correctly, a “plant effect” animation should appear on the pot.

If all goes according to plan, you will get an identical-looking, albeit slightly different, item:

You see a pot with sylvan earth.
It weighs 1.50 oz.
The pot contains rare sylvan earth from the living forest under Bounac. Nothing is planted in there.

We then right-click on the flower pot, and it turns into the object we want: the Megasyvan Plant.

If we want the plant to be decorated additionally with a toucan, we need to “use” it on a random number of tropical fruits, such as bananas, dragon fruits, mangos, melons, pineapples, and prickly pears.

When the plant “eats” enough fruit, an animation of hearts will appear, and a bird will come out from behind the leaves.

So if you have an idea for interiors with a little less floral and more tropical accent, do not hesitate to use this additional possibility, the bird looks really cute!

The version with the toucan bored you? That’s no problem. just use the plant with the right mouse button, and the bird will hide behind a leaf. You can make the toucan appear and hide it as many times as you want. It all depends on your fantasy.

Unlike other plant objects, you can pack this flower into the furniture kit by choosing the “wrap”. Depending on which version you wrap, you will get the same one after unpacking the package again.

After we unwrap this plant – it “behaves” like a typical object: you can’t walk on it or put any object on it.

Examples of use:

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