Orange Star

LOCATIONMeriana, Thais, Edron, Zao, Venore
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

Orange Star is a flower that will go well with yellow and orange arrangements highlighting their vibrant color. It will also look good in decorations that use Dinky Moss Floret and Dinky Moss Floret Gerland!

Getting this item requires minimal commitment.
This flower can be found in various places on the Tibia map. Below you will find three examples that are easily accessible to almost anyone:

Ariella’s Tavern

You can find quite a lot of these flowers on Meriana Island. There, in a tavern run by Ariella, there are several Orange Stars alternating with Ferns on the counter.

Edron Deposit

Do you know that little park with the fountain and benches to the right of the entrance to the underground deposit in the city of Edron? There among the grasses, you will find two pieces of Orange Star.

Zao Steppes

Among the Zao Steppes, there are several of these orange flowers hidden in the grasses. Run through an area overgrown with dry grasses and withered trees, and you’re sure to come across Orange Stars gently obscured by other graphics.

Druid’s Guild in Thais

There you will find a single copy of this flower right next to the blue rock.

Green Claw Swamp

Another FACC area where you will find this plant is the swamps west of the city of Venore. However, this is not a very attractive area for collecting these flowers.

Orange Star stacks, so collect it as soon as you see it on the map without worrying that it will take up a lot of slots in your backpack.

Examples of use:

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