Soothe Bloom

QUESTOramond Quest
(the item can be collected multiple times during the mission Dr. Merlay’s Misery)

Soothe Bloom is a flower whose graphics have long been familiar to players. Many such flowers called “Dawn Singer” can be passed by traversing Tiquanda, and more recently in the Marapur archipelago, but they have been unavailable to players.

With the addition of the Oramond Quest to the game, this graphic was used, enhancing it with gentle shine animation to create the item needed to complete the mission “Dr. Merlay’s Misery.

We can get as many flowers as we need.
To do this, it is necessary to start the aforementioned task and complete it until the right moment, when NPC Azalea will give us the desired item. Instead of continuing the quest, we take Soothe Bloom with us. We can then ask for the flower again by writing “lost”. It is important not to have it with you in your backpack at this point!

In case of success, NPC Azalea will answer us:
“You lost the little one? I can only give you one other, but be careful, brother.”

At the moment when the cooldown is still going on, NPC Azalea will reply:
“It takes time to grow them, friend. They are fragile creatures. Come back later, I will see what I can do.

We can ask for Soothe Bloom every 2 hours.

With the continuation and after completing the task, it will no longer be possible to get the item. For this, it will be necessary to start the task from the beginning.

Examples of use:

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