Trapped Hyaena

QUESTKrailos Quest
(with the completion of The Great Hunger mission it will not be possible to collect the item again)

One of the tasks that await us during “The Great Hunger” mission in Krailos Quest is to catch the sleeping Hayena, for NPC Ghorza. To do this, we must go to the place marked on the map:

There on level -1, we will find the missing animal. After catching the Hyena in the net we received for Ghorza, contrary to the NPC’s expectations we take the Trapped Hyaena for ourselves!

At the moment when we need more of the item, or simply want to both have the item as a souvenir and complete the quest – we can repeat this action as many times as we want. To do this, we return to the NPC Ghorza and pretend that our task ended in failure because we lost the net entrusted to us:

Ghorza: Hello, scraggy human.
Player: lost net
Ghorza: Lost net? Not good. Here, take new one, but not lose again!

The sleeping hyena respawns after 4 minutes in the same place.

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