Julia De Belli

Although Tibia fanart is not her main focus, her Tibia-related artworks are really beautiful and must be featured here!

Above you can see a graphic created by Julie to celebrate Tibia’s 18th birthday!

Her drawings are done in a variety of styles – some are cartoonish characters characterized by thick outlines, others are more complex, richly detailed illustrations.

All of these works have one thing in common: they are great!

Tibian theme. Took about twenty minutes to finish. A glance of sudden inspiration.

โ€ฆ oh fak, I forgot to paint the nosering

Julia De Belli

Doesn’t matter… it’s still amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€

A postcard from Rookgaard.

And here is a drawing of Queen Elosie, known to everyone, with her domesticated tiger Kitty.

Finally, a question for you: which Tibian Orc is your favorite? Seeing them performed by Julia makes it hard to decide. I guess the only correct answer is: they’re all great!

Below you can see the rest of her interesting drawings. Each one is done in a different style, each one is really unique and interesting.

Also, don’t forget to visit her social media:

Instagram: @juliadebelli_

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